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was that russia will also seek a predictable relationship with the united states. will adhere to the treaty on nuclear arms. and push for guarantees that the u.s. missile shield in europe will not be directed against russia. its that something that -- that he wants in writing or is that a trust but verify type of thing. or -- how, what does that mean? that statement? >> well we, have had a discussion with russia since -- since lisbon. where the nato allies agreed -- to, for the first time to deploy a -- a nato territorial missile defense system that would provide protection for nato european territories, populations and forces against a growing ballistic missile threat from outside of europe. that decision was not directed at russia. nor were the systems that were going to be deployed, capable of undermining strategic stability with russia or indeed undermine the nuclear deterrent of russia. we have been saying this for three years. we, we are, more than happy to put it in writing because we have already done so. would be happy to do it in the future. the second thing we did in lisbon was t
. historically each time that the united states has entered into almost any kind of treaty we have been very acidious in doing everything we could to follow that treaty. we have not always been afforded the reciprocal courtesy. i suggest that a new start is a good example of what happens when we don't negotiate in a way that is only in the best interest of the united states. we in the first phase of new start reduced our strategic war head counts significantly without really impacting the russians a great deal when the tactical war heads were left completely out of the equation and part of that promise was that we would modernize our nuclear weapons capability. and it just seems like over time things degrade. and to give a president as flexible as this one the ability to enter into treaties without congressional approval on something as critical as our space assets and our space access is, i think, a foolish ernd on our part and i hope we suggest that. >> gentleman from california, five minutes. >> some time ago mr. andrews suggested that we try to avoid presidential politics as we continue
of the united states against incoming intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles. and to me that puts them in a fairly important category for all the consideration we might have. there has also been some discussion about some of the recent test failures. it almost hearkens back to some of the earlier debates in the first place. there was a time when people said this is star wars. this is an utterly unworkable, unreachable system. that's like hitting a bullet with a bullet. so many times i remember that debate two decades ago, hitting a bullet with a bullet. how impossible. how ridiculous. yet, mr. chairman, as you know, today the closing speeds of our hit-to-kill technology is far beyond that. those closing speeds are for yount 30.06 bullets. the truth is we don't just hit a bullet with a bullet. we hit a the side of a bullet with great consistency most of the time. we live in a different world where there may come a time in the four where some jihadist mind-set might gain access to be able to launch some type of nuclear missiles against the united states, and we should not strip ourselves
states in a diplomatic war. a blind chinese activist is asking the united states to ask him get safely out of china. the controversy disrupted a china summit in beijing. efrem graham reports. >> now they are trying to find a solution, the blind chinese activist pleads for more help from washington. clinton spoke around the issue urging china to improve its human right effort. >> we believe all governments have to answer to citizens aspirations for dignity and rule of law. and no nation can or should deny those rights. >> china is outraged by the comments and criticizes the u.s. for getting involved. the man was being held under house arrest and suffering regular beatings. he managed to evade his captors and make it to the u.s. embassy. he left claiming he felt safe. hours later chen guangcheng claimed he left the embassy under duress. in this phone interview, he told the associated press, quote if they could ensure our safety, i would stay. the way it looks now, i have lost hope. as the case gets international group, aid groups are working on his behalf. china aid is a christian agency
will require an east coast site. this is all about geometry. everyone who lives in the united states understands if the east coast is a threat from iran they don't want to wait for a missile to come from the district all way across the united states to try to respond to the threat. they want somebody to be there quicker, to have an opportunity to respond. aural of our open source intelligence indicates iran can have capability by 2015. the language that we have in the bill with the preparation for the site to meet the threat of 2015. i don't think anybody wants to gamble on the united states security by saying that our adversaries who clearly stated the intention of ibm technology for the purposes of reaching mainland united states are going to be so slow that we can just wait. we can't wait. you cannot just flick a switch and have a missile defense field. we all know there's apparently a secret deal with the russian where is the president believes he'll have greater flexibility. perhaps there are members on the other side to support the side with the president. i think most of us on
's timeline to be available by 2020 would even have the capabilities necessary to protect the united states. so it falls away as an alternative, leaving us with the additional vulnerability. the president is unphased adaptive approach recognized that more was needed besides just van denberg air force base and alaska west coast sites in pursuing the approach. the east coast site, in addition to being supported by the u.s. northern commander in 2007-2008, was supported by the institute for defense analysis and the national academies. they have examined the potential contribution of an east coast missile defense site. and these studies have recommended that work begin on the development and deployment of such a site. that's what we're doing the beginning of the assessment and the plan. there's no site that's identified. it's moving forward so we can meet the futuristic, not today's risk, the futuristic that we all know is coming and all have acknowledged. even the president of the united states has knowledge acknowledged. as explained in answer 6, our recommended homeland defense system would
of the united states own words ratified 10 months before the ratification stated the following key investments were required to sustain a safe, secure and effective nuclear arsenal. quote funding the chemistry and met lurgy replacement project at loss almos laboratory to replace the 50-year-old chemistry research facility in 2021. in order to sustain a safe nuclear stockpile, the united states must possess a modern physical infrastructure comprised of the national security laboratories and a complex of supporting facilities, again the president's words, implementation of stockpile stewardship program and nuclear infrastructure investments redded in npr will allow the united states to shift away from obtaining large numbers of nuclear weapons. the president went to the senate and requested new start approval ratification, he made a commitment to accelerate the construction of these facilities, identifying them again as required and essential for us to be able to reduce to the levels that are proposed in new start and for our ability to maintain our nuclear deterrent. the president in the 1251 p
for the economy of the united states. i have been a supporter of the export-import bank since i arrived in congress in 1977. simply put, the ex-im bank supports the sales of american-made products overseas when private finances is not available. -- financing is not available. according to the ex-im bank's 2011 annual report, the bank supported $32.7 billion in exports last year, over 288,000 american jobs. many of these jobs are in the pacific northwest and in my congressional district. i ask unanimous consent to put -- and add additional information. the important point srk let's vote for this bill. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman from california. mr. miller: i'm pleased to yield one minute to the distinguish mad jort leader, the gentleman from virginia, mr. cantor. the chair: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one minute. mr. cantor: i thank the speaker and i thank the gentleman from california. mr. speaker, i rise today to speak in favor of h.r. 2072, securing american jobs through export act of 2011. make no mistake, i am no fan of government sub
into the united states. why? because when it was developed in the 1940s, it was thought, this is a propaganda arm of the u.s. government. and it would be inconsistent with our notions of freedom of the press in the united states to allow them to use that propaganda that we're bringing to the rest of the world and to come back and show it to u.s. citizens. that is a bizarre notion in today's world. it's also i think quite inconsistent with the first amendment. and really ought to be changed. it's just another example of how we are living with a set of ideas about information and journalism -- >> so out of date. >> -- that is the last century. and we don't have national plans for how to be part of a global economy. we don't have national plans about how to be part of it in terms of information and ideas. >> but before we see a little bit of video from around the world, i have to bring us -- i realize you said let's try to ignore political realities at this moment. but despite the unity among the panelists of the need for more public funding of journalism, the simpson bowls recommendation for the pu
with intelligence services friendly to the united states. this case has raised a lot of issues all over again about our airline security, about how strong al qaeda still is these days, and about how many more of these could be out there. it's where we begin tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, good evening. >> brian, by all accounts, this is a remarkable success for the intelligence agencies of the united states and its allies. and here's why, they managed to insert a critical informant into the very heart of the terror group that's considered the number one threat to the united states. al qaeda's offshoot in yemen. administration and intelligence officials say by the time this most recent plot was in its final planning stages, the u.s. and its allies were able to follow it in detail. but the terrorists in yemen did not know at the time these officials say is that the person they chose to be the suicide bomber was actually an informant. someone who agreed to cooperate with an allied intelligence service. members of congress declined to be specific b
detail on the cia seizure of that bomb headed on an airplane from yemen to the united states. turns out the man carrying it was not a terrorist at all. we'll explain. >>> plus, i had this weird dream that vladimir putin was playing hockey one day after winning the election and silvio berlusconi was cheering him on. >>> here at "30 rock" in new york city at 5:30 a.m. we begin with the end of an era. senator dick lugar will not be heading back to capital hill. it was not close. senator lugar first elected in 1976 lost by 22 points last night to state trish remember richard mourdock. outside spending groups poured millions of dollars into this race. senator lugar was criticized by conservatives for being too moderate and spending too much time outside of the state. he issued a statement condemning mr. mourdock's politics. his unrelenting partisan mind set is irreconcilable with my philosophy. he will encounter roadblocks in congress and he will have more republicans who will embrace the same. his prime mission is to cleanse the party. that's the statement from dick lugar after losing his s
for himself and not the president of the united states. >> david axelrod tweeted this "what vp said that all married couples should have exactly the same legal rights is precisely the position." >> jon: hash tag bieber just a refresm. he said it's the position because vp said hash tag gay marriage good lol. it's probably not as simple as vp and potus have same position. jay carney. >> let me be clear. the vice president said what the said about the protection of rights with citizens is consistent with the president's position on this issue. the president has spoken about this. the president is the right person to describe his own personal views. he, as you know said his views on this were evolving. >> jon: ah. [ laughter ] so with regards to gay marriage the vice president's new position is consistent with the president's position which has not changed and is also changing. [ laughter ] that's not a social policy that's a zen cone. mr. carney -- >> it is as it was, yes. [ laughter ] >> jon: it is as it was. [ laughter ] and what master is the sound of one man sweating? and why are they sweat
bowls. [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight is the united states ambassador to nato. please welcome ambassador ivo daalder. [cheers and applause] hello, sir. nice to see you. come and sit. how are you? >> great. >> jon: it's nice to see you. i would think people would be surprised to find out that we have an ambassador to nato which is not a country it's a group of fighter jets. [ laughter ] but is this -- have we always had an ambassador? does each country have an ambassador? >> we're 28 members and each country has an ambassador just like in the united nations where each country has an ambassador there. nato was a military alliance so we do have a lot of fighter jets as countries but i'm -- i represent the united states at this small little round table where we do a lot -- >> jon: is it really a round table? >> it really is. it's round. >> jon: all 28 countries. >> how little is the table. is it giant? how uncomfortable. in terms of spacing how much room do you have around this small table? >> got news is the united states comes last in the alphabet when we
a letter, about the obama administration is allowing children who are not citizens of the united states to come across the border into your state unlawfully? >> about 80% of all of these unaccompanied minors are coming in across texas border. you go back and illegal immigration has been an issue for many years here. compounded by the drug cartels realizing that the mexican u.s. border they could operate without impunity. they have operational control on some sides of the border. we have 23 citizens in mexico most likely, i don't know if they have been identified yet, cartel battle going on there. you have the illegal immigration issue and compound it with the drug cartels. then a new phenomenon we are seeing now. this is within the last six months or so. we've seen 5200 unaccompanied young people, we're talking to 8 to 9-year-olds that are coming from south america and we don't know all the details yet about how mexico is dealing with this. they are coming to the texas border and crossing the border. and taking them into refugee resettlement, vast majority we had 1400 of them in just in
. in free speech in the united states, free press begins not at the very beginning when the first amendment is put in in the 18th century in the constitution, but in 1919. no supreme court case in the united states until 1919. and at that moment, three cases come to the supreme court. one of them involves a candidate for president of the united states. eugene debs, socialist party candidate. he gave a speech in ohio, he praise the people who resisted the draft, he's thrown in jail. the supreme court of the united states, in the first case they ever considered, oliver holmes write writing the opinion, say no free speech there. he goes to jail. while in jail he gets 1 million votes. the united states then develops over the next 70 years the most robust protection of free speech in the united states. but it doesn't always live up to it. so we have the mccarthy era and so on. we think that we have the best system. but now we're in a world where we have a global communications system, and censorship anywhere, like singapore, is censorship everywhere. it's not human rights for people in singapore
of the united states obviously in a dramatic fashion in this interview wanted to clarify once and for all that his position has evolved. he supports same-sex marriage and he's making that clear right now. >> we now have the video. let's just roll it. >> i have been going through an evolution on this issue. i have always been adamant that gay and lesbian americans should be treated fairly and equally. and that's why in addition to everything we've done in this administration, rolling back don't ask don't tell so that outstaptding americans can defend our country. i've stood on the side of is broader equality for the lgbt community. and i hesitated on gay marriage in part because i thought civil unions would be sufficient, that that was something that would give people hospital visitation rights and other elements that we take for granted. and i was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people, you know, the word marriage was something that evokes very powerful traditions, religious beliefs and so forth. but i have to tell you that over the course of several years, as i talk to friends an
of the united states thinks this is an important thing and he wanted to affirm it. then on top of that, if we ever have something go to the supreme court, i think it will be very important what the highest office holder in our land thinks about same-sex marriage as well as the polling, as well as how many states have legalized it. we like to pretend that the supreme court lives in a bubble but they do not. those justices live among us. >> woodruff: kerry eleveld, thank you very much. >> thank you. we get two views now on the president's announcement and its significance. evan wolfson is the president and founder of freedom to marry, a leading organization seeking to legalize same-sex marriage in states around the country. and the reverend harry jackson is senior pastor of hope christian church in beltsville, maryland, presiding bishop of the international communion of evangelical churches, and an outspoken opponent of gay marriage. reverend jackson, what does it mean to you what the president said? >> well, i believe he's been dealing with this for a long time and the motivation was to ramp u
is recognized for five minutes. mr. fattah: the congress of the united states in a bipartisan vote passed the energy independence and security act of 2007. it was signed into law by president bush. it just suggests that in federal procurement when we seek an energy that the department should use, energy efficient sources, so that we don't rely on unnecessary middle eastern supplies for oil, this removes this requirement. so i hope we would vote against it. this has been a part of the law for a number of years now and has helped save taxpayers money. so i would ask for a no vote on the amendment. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman yield back? -- the chair: does the gentleman yield back? mr. fattah: i'd be glad to yield. mr. dicks: this is an effort to overturn a law that was passed in 2007 that says -- try to do the most energy efficient approach to running the government. i mean, i think -- mr. flores: if the gentleman will yield? mr. dicks: i think it's common sense and i urge a no vote on the amendment. the chair: does the gentleman yield his time? mr. fattah: i'd be glad to yi
million more into this. the key measures as to whether the united states is funding capabilities necessary to maintain the health of the nuclear stockpile, that should be a standard. that should be the commitment. i believe that the president has that standard that it wants to ensure that our capabilities are there as they work through the reductions in the new treaty. how we fund that, how the numbers are cut will depend on this congress. it will depend on tradeoffs and it will depend on our military experts who are working with these weapons to tell us what is an acceptable stockpile, whether or stockpile is in good shape, etc. so i really do believe that this 45 pages of come in and check with me every other day and let me see how much money you have spent or how much money you are allocating or did you go through the left door or the right door, i mean, i don't really believe that that is an effective way for us to ask the administration to move forward and implement this new treaty. so i would ask my colleagues to vote no on this amendment. and i yield back. >> any further discussion
? >> look, i am vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, heterosexual men and women marrying, are entitled to the same rights, all the sifts -- civil rights and liberties. >>shepard: analysts suggest the vice president put his foot in mouth and strayed from the white house official position. that was sunday. a day later, monday. the secretary of education endorsed same-sex marriage. the next day, yesterday, a poll was released showing a majority of americans now support gay marriage. 48 percent don't. last night in north carolina republicans turned out in full force to vote for the state's ban on gay marriage. that ban was expected to pass but it passed with a whopping 61 percent of the vote. democrats were pressing president obama to do what in other president has done before. and that is backing gay marriage. now context. tonight, the president is at an event on the west coast with a lot of gay marriage undertones. there is another fundraiser tomorrow. with
recovered and traced from drug cartel crimes in mexico originate in the united states. so in light of the positive impact the m.s.r. has had, what is the house voting to do this week? that's right, repeal the measure. a policy rider in the commerce, justice and science 2013 appropriations bill would cut all funding for reporting the sale of multiple semi automatic rifles. yes, this house will vote to block funding successfully removing semi automatic rifles from the underground gun trade. these are the guns that endanger americans along the border and fuel an allout war in a neighboring country. ending the m.s.r. requirement is not about protecting anyone's rights. reporting the sale of multiple semi-automatic rifles does not infringe on second amendment rights. in fact, a similar multiple sales requirement has been in place for handguns for over 20 years. the necessary paperwork takes gun dealers 12 minutes to complete but can give law enforcement crucial intelligence on straw purchased rifles. a george bush-appointed federal judge upheld the m.s.r. requirement, finding it did not
competitive and having the united states marine corps, having serves, i certain agree with the gentle lady from guam and from california where they've both said that marines have taken casualties because f of, in afghanistan, because of convoys. but those convoys would occur whether or not we're moving biofuels or whether we're moving traditional fuels. we have made some in-roads on, although at the margins in terms of solar power for troops in the fields to, for things like recharging batteries. and some, providing some basic heat, but the -- we should mo move -- we should mandate the military to move to biofuels when it's cost competitive to do so, when it's in the interests of the military and the taxpayers to do so and not for some alternative ideological belief that we ought to do so irrespective of costs. with that, mr. chairman, i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from virginia, mr. ritzal for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i will be supporting the gentleman's amendment, and i share a deep commitment to reducing our country's de
. there will are others that will try to give even greater rights to people who are detained in the united states so that they are able to be prosecuted, for example, in federal courts rather than just military tribunals. that one's offered by ranking member smith from washington. so those are really going to be key fights. we're going to spend quite a bit of time on those areas. >> frank oliveri, covers defense and foreign policy issues for congressional quarterly. you can read his reporting at thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >>> the committee souf reesds. >>> the committee should be gaveling back in sortly. they broke for recess and a couple votes on the house floor. once those are wrapped up we expect the committee to gavel back in for more amendments to the 2013 defense authorization bill and a hearing, a markup session that could go well into the night. talking about even up to midnight this evening. we will have all of this live for you here on c-span3 and the c-span networks. the house is finishes up a couple of votes, just passed renewing export/import bank and resume the 2013
and concluded after extensive public notice and comment by adopting the guidelines that the united states access board developed in 2004 during the george bush administration. certain members of the hotel industry have claimed that the regulations require all owners to require fixed lifts and this is costly and burdensome and owners who can't afford it will have to shut down their pools or face penalties. these claims are false. as required by congress, the justice department has increased access to newly existing pools, rules that have been under development for almost 15 years. new pools must be built with either a sloped entry into the pool or a pool lift under these new rules. for existing pools, owners will have to do what is readily achievable based on the size and resource of the owner's business. if it is readily achievable which is defined as easily accomplished to be carried out, a business should take the same steps to improve an existing pool. this means that if a fixed lift can be installed easily and inexpensively, it should be. if installing a fixed lift is too expensive or diffic
and they will continue to work hard to inflict damage to the united states. fortunately, our intelligence community and the c.i.a. have their eyes on the ball in yemen and it's a great success what they were able to do in the last 24 hours. >> warner: michael leiter, let me ask you, when john brenner said today "this i.e.d. was a threat from the standpoint of the design," what is he talking about? >> well, this bomb and also the bomb that the bomb maker asiri is probably responsible for back in 2009, the first underwear bomb and then the printer cartridges bombs that were detected in 2010 represent a real challenge for screening. with no metal pieces at all, a standard magnetometer, metal detector, won't detect that. so what you have to have instead are much more advanced screening techniques at airports to find that. fliers see that all the time here in the united states now. they're less prevalent overseas. of course we need to make sure the same techniques that we know are working here are applied overseas as well. what i would also add, margaret, is none of these detection methods are perfect.
terrorist plot in the united states at this time and also comments by white house counterterrorism adviser john brennan when clearly there was a device that has been deemed to be a viable ied that was intercepted by the cia. how the administration can make these assertions that there is no credible plot underway? >> the statement was that there was no specific credible plot tied to the anniversary of bin laden's death. so, and that was and is an accurate statement. it was accurately made. the key point is that we will be taking all appropriate measures, now that the plot has become public, to make sure that the aviation and the traveling public remains safe. we will be working with airlines. we will be working with more nations. the tsa doesn't do passenger screening in foreign airports. they do that, so there will be and are all appropriate measures are being taken. >> it sounds like it was a parsed statement. >> did was, and it was for a good reason. it was because we needed to protect and are protecting the plot that was unveiled. >> anybody else? >> good morning. my name is antoinette
they are selling themselves. what about handing over the united states capitol to that kind of project? this is national statuary hall. today it's home to 38 statues. they were all inaugurated in what is national statuary hall. today it can be used for special events like memorial services, receptions for members of congress. it's up to the speaker of house who can have access and for what kind of events. here are the kind of events that are held. inaugural luncheons or a capitol historical society for new members of congress. today, there was a different kind of event. today join boehner held it over the a prayer event. it was time to coincide with george washington's inauguration and celebrate how super religious george washington was. among today's prayer at the capitol head lierns was a guy named jim garlo. he's said that gay marriage is part of an attack by satan on the united states. he has compared being gay to not just man on dog like rick santorum said but specifically, man on horse. a guy named david barton was top bill. he said we can't find a cure to aids because gay is god
in the united states senate, dick lugar, richard nixon's favorite mayor, gets yanked by republicans. the state of of the republican party. this morning we'll talk to both parties looking to take lugar's seat. and another hotbed of discontent. wisconsin democrats pick their man in the fast approaching recall vote on governor scott walker. we'll take a deep dive into the fierce fight that's only 27 days away from today. and mitt romney, another one of those pivots to november. this time it actually felt like on one. this is "the daily rundown." startling revelations about the double agent who ended up blow up that yemen bomb plot. lots to get to this morning. we know about indiana senator richard lugar. he was rejected by his own party in a double-digit defeat that was just one of last night's ballot blowouts. the results went largely as expected in indiana, north carolina, west virginia and wisconsin. the surprises were in the margins of victory. murdoch beat lugar by 20 points, 61% to lugar's 39%. new york overwhelmingly approved a state constitutional amendment that will constitutional will b
. it is a compliment, for 80 years for men and women of the united states border patrol have been writing through a unique and particular brand. since the days of the borderlands of the southwest, the border patrol has done no less than protect and defend this country's borders. as was written, if a man did no. as was written, if a man did not like a branch or the way they conducted their affairs, he was free to quit. and many did. if he stayed on, he gave loyalty and expected it. for 80 years, the men and women have stayed on, giving their loyalty to their mission and this nation. since may 28, 1924, the u.s. border patrol has responded to an ever changing and maturing nation as it recognizes the need to curb the influx of people and contraband entering the borders. as the nation of all, so do the job. during the prohibition era, inspectors pursued liquor smugglers and mountains of arizona. as world war ii raged, border patrol inspector is scanned the atlantic horizon for enemy submarines off the coast of florida. the cold weather.border patrol on domestic flights serving as air marshals. during
amendment in the united states and public policy relating to the press. so that's where -- that's sort of my lode stone as i think about this. i've also been connected to the press in a variety of ways, including my father owning, running a small newspaper. and i sit on the board of the washingt washingtonpost companies. i've watched the evolution of the press from about one where there was a monopoly or at best an oligolopoly. and i think to the credit of journalists and press institutions, those very favorable and privileged positions in the country were ulgts it'sed to deepen the quality of journalism. so many of the great journalistic institutions we have in the united states -- "washington post," "new york times," so on -- really developed their expert deals in areas of law and science and medicine and economics in the 1970s and '80s as monopoly profits, as it were, made it possible to do that. of course, the internet has undermined that profitability. and one of the consequences of this, a very sad consequence, is the decline in foreign coverage, foreign news. the closing of bureaus. t
and the end of an era in indiana and washington d.c. as the longest serving republican in the united states senate is ousted from office i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. spy. the new york times said that he was an intelligence agent for saudi arabia who volunteer to infiltrate the terror group in yemen. he uncovered a so-called " underwear bomb " designed to pass through airports security. al-qaeda wanted him to where the device onto a plane bound the united states and the fbi now has that bomb. a russian plane believed to have 44 people on bo
-serving republican in the united states senate. secondly, if this hasn't happened before, if it didn't happen in utah before. okay, if they wouldn't have scared the you know what out of john mccain. i think this is actually one of the instances where it is valid to draw some very big conclusions. what you say is exactly right. one point you make is exactly right. >> which is what? >> that republicans disputed the left, republican moderates are really at risk when they get primaries. incumbents are not doing well in the world. >> that's my point. >> i would buy that point. >> to your point, that is the issue. and that is when you have fewer moderate republicans, when you have folks -- when you have freedom works saying do not work with the other side. all you're simply asking for is more contention, more drama in the senate and what you actually need is you need people who do know how to reach across the aisle. to his point about senator john mccain. he was perceived as the guy who can reach across -- who's left? lindsey graham? >> look at olympia snowe. and you would have thought maine would have bee
: thomas moran embarked on his first trip to the west in 1871. the united states at the time was still recovering from the ravages of the civil war. americans turned with hope to the western frontier. by painting the pristine grandeur of these remote places, moran enabled 19th-century americans to visualize a magnificent landscape most would never see. his paintings transformed their perceptions of the west. from 1867 to 1879, the united states government sponsored four western expeditions, now known as "the great surveys." of all the ais who accompanied them, none is more associated with the surveys than thomas moran. the watercolors he brought back from wyoming, the first color images of yellowstone, played a key role in the creation of the national parks system. yellowstone had long been familiar to american indians, mountainmen, traders and travelers. legendary, seemingly unbelievable stories made their way east. the canyon was said to be a "fearful chasm," the river a "frightful torrent," the sulfur springs wre "diabolical," the place where "hell bubbled up." while the eruption of
in america and around the world. welcome to newsday. reports from the united states say the man at the heart of the latest underwear bomb plot, which the u.s. and its allies say they foiled, was a double agent. u.s. officials are quoted as saying the attacker was working for the cia and saudi intelligence when he was given the bomb. he then passed the device to the americans. the washington correspondents give us more details. >> the would-be bomber, according to reports in u.s. media citing american officials, was a double agent. the way this is described is that the saudi intelligence agency recruited this man, sent him to yemen with the task of convincing al qaeda in the arabian peninsula that he was prepared to blow up himself and a u.s.-bound aircraft. he won the terror cell's trust, and they gave him this device to take with him to blow up a plane. but instead he took the underwear bomb, which is what the officials say it was, to a third country. then it passes immediately into the hands of the cia. >> officials are describing this as a custom-fit device, more complicated and sophistic
. republicans in the united states senate filibustered on student loaned today. how is that youth vote coming along republican party? interest rates on student loans are set to double this summer unless congress takes action. republicans were set to let that happen last month, to let student loan rates double. after public pressure from president obama, mitt romney, the republican candidate and the republicans in the house of representatives changed their mind. they dropped their previous position. they said they would agree to act to keep student loan rates where they are. as of today, apparently the deal is off. they filibustered the deal to keep student loan rates from going up. if this does not get fixed, everybody's student loans across the country will double their interest rate this summer. you can thank massachusetts senator scott brown for that. a vulnerable incumbent like scott brown sided with the republican filibuster on this issue. just incredible. also, incredible, the long awaited endorsement of mitt romney for president by the last te contender left standing. rick santorum's e
trying to get eventually on to an airliner going into the united states. you obviously saw that before on christmas day 2009 with the ni gearian recruit, that was a very close call. the detonator worked. it was just the main charge, a substance called petn that didn't detonate, and the reason that that probably didn't detonate was that this underwear he had been wearing for three weeks. by ibrahim is someone who has learned from his mistakes, he's grown more sophisticated so the concern is he's still out there and he's making more and more sophisticated bombs. let me ask you a broader question, the tornado of al qaeda is that it's not really one entity. it can be a number of terrorist groups that operate under that mantle in totally different ways. what would you say is going on inside al qaeda as an organization? >> i would guess they're going crazy. the mastermind bombmaker must have found out that his cover had been blown. i would say they're panicking, they're shutting down all their communications which is sort of how they would talk to each other and basically trying to go under
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